Gamifying mental fitness to increase your productivity by 10X

Making mental fitness easy, accessible and playful. We create result oriented routines with practical tools & mental workouts for you. APT is designed to teach a community of entrepreneurs & professionals how to build a high performance mindset. #Findyourflow

How does it work? #FindYourFlow

Do you know that feeling when you are solving a problem at hand, completely engrossed and in the zone, where you can practically  forget everything around you, hours go by and you are still in the zone. You feel your flow. APT mental gym is created to connect people to their own state of flow. A state of high performance. You can train your mind on this state of flow with specific mental workouts and use it to your professional advantage. With APT mental gym, you can take your growth to the next level.

Meet your APT Coach, Aditi Surana

Aditi is an Internationally renowned high-performance coach, behavioral analyst, keynote speaker & podcaster. 

She has 20 years of experience coaching high performers, top-level management & business leaders and has worked with over 40000 people. Aditi creates measurable results through her signature high-performance coaching modules, corporate bootcamps & APT mental gym group coaching.

Listen to her podcasts - Absolutely write & Daily mental fit bit on all major audio streaming platforms, globally.

"If you avoid the grind, you avoid the growth."

Aditi Surana
High performance coach &
Founder of APT mental gym

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